"... (they) serve up what I would describe as a auditory mind blowing experience that hits your senses like a jackhammer! In fact, there's nothing altogether straightforward about the band's sound except, well, that they f***ing rock!

You must have at least 21 minutes and preferably 46 minutes of time to yourself, with the volume up, to fully appreciate the genius and skillfull endurance that is this Black Space Riders relea...se. It is not dinner music. This is just a sheer heavy guitar groove with a phenomenal rhythm section that is broken up into four parts. The opening introductory part "D" simply serves as a cacophonic appetizer to the classic and seemingly endless guitar/bass/drum assault that made me wonder what it would have been like if I had been exposed to something like this while in high school. I never would have come out of my room and my headphones would be dead! "Stare At The Water", "Bang Boom War (Outside My Head)" and "Rising From The Ashes Of Our World" are face-melting, spaced out, effects-heavy glory. It's like they're powered by nuclear fusion. While the songs featured in the "R" section, "Give Gravitation To The People", "Way To Me", "Temper Is Rising", "The God- Survivor" are anchored by mind-bending riffs of massive slabs of intense guitar. As intense as the first two parts were, the musical experience with the next chapters, "E" with, "I See", "Leave", "Space Angel (Memitim)"and "I" with, "Major Tom Waits", "Letter To A Young One" and "The Everlasting Circle Of Infinity" are quite the opposite. A psychedelic head trip of the third kind. What really makes Black Space Riders extraordinary is their endurance. They just play. And play. And play. Black Space Riders have a knack for knowing exactly when and how to let their riffs and rhythmic patterns breathe and comfortably regroup, bypassing what could turn into quick listener fatigue in lesser hands. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"