27 September 2014
Elektro Klub Remix of "Give Gravitation ..." released

Warning! This new digital single-release by BLACK SPACE RIDERS may irritate the common rockfan! Haters are gonna hate ... BUT LOVERS ARE GONNA DANCE!

The band asked the brilliant and cranky ElektroTrashPopPunkRave-Collective "TESTSIEGER" to remix their song "Give Gravitation to the people". Resulting comes a danceable, eclectic and electric new club-version of the song. The release is completed by the original album-version of the track.  You can get it at all digital Download- and streaming-platforms.

24 September 2014
New digital release on Fri., 26th September 2014

the ELEKTRO KLUB REMIX by TESTSIEGER of "Give Gravitation to the People" will be released as digital Single on friday. Available from all download-/streaming-platforms Watch Out! Warning: this is pretty electric ... no Rockism on the Remix-Version

12 September 2014
Theatrical Tour Teaser 2014

Here´s a little appetizier for our upcommin tourdates. For those who can´t wait and those who won´t be able to visit the shows. The trailer was created by our dear friend hanno endres. If you like the clip please feel free to share it around! Thank you!


26 June 2014
BSR: Soundtrack of a METAL-NOVEL (At Dawn They Sleep - GERMAN)

so here is the soundtrack of Christian Krumm´s Book At Dawn They Sleep . Enjoy the track and get you copy of the book right now! "Digging Down" @ "At Dawn they sleep"

27 May 2014
NEW video online

"Space Angel (Memitim)" from BLACK SPACE RIDERS´ new album D:REI.

watch the video on YouTube!