21 January 2014
Pre-order D:REI now on bandcamp!

Pre-order D:REI now on bandcamp! Including an immediate download of 4 Songs in advance and immediate shipping. The other 9 Songs will be available for download on friday (24th january).


19 January 2014
D:REI - exclusive Pre-Release Albumstream by German Rock Hard Magazine

D:REI - German RockHard Magazine is featuring the complete album one week before the official release date. So if you don't want to wait anymore .....  

RockHard featuring D:REI

14 January 2014
We now declare the pre-sale OPEN!

SLI just launched our new website! You can find a player and listen to 5 of our new 13 songs. ACHTUNG: WE DECLARE THE PRE-SALE OPEN! Go and get your copy of D:REI now in our web-shop! We will ship in time so your order should be there until the 24th of January (unless you are living on the other side of this beautiful world).

10 January 2014
New Song available

NEW song avaialble as download and stream NOW: The track Bang Boom War (Outside My Head) from BLACK SPACE RIDERS' new Album D:REI (release date 24th january) is available as from today on all digital platforms like (streaming) Spotify, Simfy, Napster, Deezer, Wimp, Ampya or (download) itunes, amazon, GooglePlay, musicload, 7digital.com and many more. The track is part of the compilation "2014: The Best Is Yet to Come" by cargo digital, which features 20 Alternative-, Indie and Rock-Artists ... so if you are eager and don't want to wait until the 24th of january .... go and get the track right now! Just search for Black Space Riders / Bang Boom War (Outside my head) on your favourite platform.

08 January 2014
Another video online

In three weeks we are going to release our new album D:REI. Here is an advance-video-clip for you. The song is called GIVE GRAVITION TO THE PEOPLE. Really hope you like it!!! If so please share the clip around the world!!! A big THANK YOU to BM67, Andi Weimann and SKE who were involved in creating the clip!